Top the best computer games all the time

If you are finding something interesting to relax in free time, you can read reference top the best games for PC all the time as our followings.

We try to collect top favorited games through other sources of database. 

6, Grand Theft Auto V

It’s a driving game for anyone love fast pace and adventure.

In is inspired from motor races in the USA such as GTA, it is designed professionally from graphics to racetracks and even music during the journey. All are combined perfectly to make a legendary game.

How you feel when listing an American folk music then drive in highway at amazing speed. It looks great to enjoy.

7, World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is an adventure video game launched in 2004.

Coming to this game, you will live in a student life which series of daily stories at school with friends, teacher, style or sports. Seeming that you are living in a childhood world.

This game is highly appreciated when setting up close stories with students. You can choose games at other levels: secondary school, high school or university. 

Sure that this game can bring a lot of relaxing and peace in mind after stress of the life.

8, Breath of the wild

This game brings a new aspect about the human life where around is covered by mountains, forest and sky.

The graphics are carefully designed to make natural landscapes.

Games in Breath of the Wild are appreciated with creation and open-ended as a trend of the modern life.

The next version will be launched in the end of 2020 with much expectation for new journey.

9, Portal 2

This game has few fictions when telling stories about robot and machine.

Players need to shoot two portals to solve puzzles about co-op or enthralling stories.

You also choose two-player mode to play with partner.