Tips to travel to Europe in safety (Part 1)

Europe is an attractive spot for anyone in the world. If you are a loving traveler, you shouldn’t miss beauties of culture, tradition and landscape in this continent.

However, there are much strange and novelty from this area you should prepare before travelling so that you have a safe and memorial trip.

In this article, we share useful tips you should remember in Europe. Following to enjoy your trip wonderfully.

1, Taking a cab

All cities in Europe are modern and developed, so they have reliable public transportation. It’s better to use it in your travel. It can save cost as well is convenient to visit somewhere.

The fact, cab fares in Europe are expensive. Sometimes you can’t navigate the road driver is going. Maybe you feel a little worried. Another recommendation, there are many historic streets at there, you should enjoy walking to discover them. It looks romantic or historic for a foreigner.

2, Don’t buy tickets late

When visiting museum or any famous place, you should buy tickets. Your advice is to book it in reservation through their online website. It can save your time as well avoid scrambling or waiting your turn.

As shared, in one day, Europe welcome and serve millions of tourists from all over the world. Almost foreigner will choose famous spots to visit. So, the crowded can be congestion.

Don’t make your trip to become waiting and still waiting. It’s terrible.

3, Check list restaurant you will go

Eating is the most important for each trip. When your stomach feels full and comfortable, you have energy to do other jobs.

In Europe, they mix various cultures among other places, so cuisine is extremely diversity and developing.

It is better to research which restaurant is suitable for your demand. You should check it in advance to sure that expense is reasonable as well matches your taste.

When coming a new location, it’s great to enjoy new food to understand more about the local itself.