Below are some dominating features of Japanese travelers.

Japanese women have Kimonos (traditional costumes) in diplomatic rituals. Depending on the content of the ceremony, the relationship level, the age that requires different Kimono colors.

The Japanese are smart, diligent, wise. They have high community spirit and know how to use the power of the group to work. They are disciplined and aware at work, eager to learn and always pray for progress.

Most Japanese follow Buddhism, but in the past few decades, the trend towards Protestantism and Christianity in Japanese youth has been increasing.

Japanese always have national pride, always respect the traditions of the country and people. These have made remarkable achievements in their economy and culture. Japanese culture is heavily influenced by Chinese culture. So yin and yang theory, feng shui techniques are very popular in their lives. They really believe in generals, and are taboo 4, prefer odd numbers 3, 5, 7, 9, etc.

 The Japanese consider cherry blossoms “Sakura” as their national symbol. The traditional colors that they often use are black and red (hot  positive, growing).

When traveling, they often choose a beach destination where there are lots of sunshine, beautiful scenery, attractive, clear blue sea, golden sand, warm climate.

They love nature, have a high aesthetic demand for tourism products and services, very loyal to traditional culture.

The demand for Japanese cultural tourism is huge. Therefore, they like to study the local culture with a long history with famous historical and cultural constructions.

When booking a room, the Japanese do not like to choose the rooftop or 1st and 2nd floor in the hotel. Because according to them they are unsafe places.

Japanese people like to buy many souvenirs during their trips. According to Japanese habits, when traveling far away, giving gifts to relatives, friends, agencies and neighbors is indispensable. It was an expression of their respectful affection.

They like to eat dishes made from seafood such as shrimp, crab, fish and squid. In particular, their luxurious traditional dishes are shark fins, tuna meat, whale meat. The typical dish of Japanese people is a very well-cooked fish salad from flounder fish , Puffer fish, Octopus.

 Japanese people are very fond of dishes made from puffer fish. According to the Japanese concept, puffer meat is very nutritious. Puffer fish is processed into a very sophisticated salad. Or fish meat is cut into thin pieces arranged into chrysanthemums very impressive.

The Japanese like to eat Chinese food, American fast food, and drink French wine, like to drink 250ml bottled sake.