Learn about the travelling hobbies of some Asian countries (Part 1)

Asian countries are popularly known for their diverse rituals and cultures. Let’s learn about how these would influence their travelling hobbies!

Cambodian guests

Cambodians have honesty, patience before difficulties, endure hardship in labor and politeness in society. The elderly people like others respect. Women are often shy. Both old and young have gentle hearts, do not like to lie. So if one lied, deceived Cambodians once, they would lose their faith in them, even leading to hatred.

Cambodian travellers are gentle and respect rituals, especially religious rituals.

They usually wear traditional clothes with a Krama scarf (bandanna) on their heads. This towel has many uses such has making a face wash towel, making bags when shopping, hot weather can absorb water to cover the head for cool, cold weather can be put on the neck to fight cold, when going to bed can be used as blanket, etc.

Therefore, the bandanna has become a cultural characteristic of Cambodians. Therefore, when being given a towel, you must pay homage and respect.

Cambodian cuisine as well as habits of ethnic groups belonging to wet rice civilization in Asia. Cambodians have a habit of eating plain rice and eating more fish than eating meat. Most meals have rice. Other dishes such as curry, soup, and potato chips are usually the main dishes that come in quite popular.

In addition to sticky rice, Cambodians also use glutinous rice to make sticky rice and glutinous rice. Sticky rice often comes with durian for dessert. Lam rice is often used as a substitute for rice for farmers. When they have no processing time.

Cambodian cuisine influences the style of India and China. Most dishes are light, sweet and fatty. Indian food is found in spices used in Cambodian dishes such as satay, chilli, pepper, anise, etc.Chinese cuisine is recognized in its high-fat processing, Sichuan cuisine.

Malaysian guests

Malaysia is a Muslim country, with over 50% of the population following Islam. The rest follow other religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity. Therefore, Malaysian culture consists of many different subcultures such as Western, Indian, Chinese, etc. However, their culture and lifestyle are not polarized but harmonized, combined with each other to develop together.

What are the travelling hobbies of Australian travelers?

The migration from Europe, America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East to Australia enriches the Australian culture and Australian style, contributing to the formation of new tradition. The great contribution of these migrants is to make Australian life in all fields even more unique from trade to art, from food to comedy.

Let’s have a look at the most dominant features and travelling hobbies of the Australian guests as follows.

Many Australians love sports, watch rugby and Australian football.

Australians are naturally fair people and dislike style. The overwhelming majority of Australian guests are law-abiding and ethical.

Australians are very open and forthright.

Australians believe in the principle of fairness for everyone.

Australians advocate for friends, who are disadvantaged and disadvantaged. The weak are those who stand out or be an opponent without the hope of winning a sports competition or competition.

Australians love sports, like to participate as both players and viewers.

The ten most popular physical activities are: walking, aerobics / fitness, swimming, bicycle, tennis, golf, jogging, jungle walking, soccer and handball .

Other popular sports are: cricket, cricket, baseball and skiing.

Performance arts such as movies, painting, theater and music all have a wide audience.

When meeting someone for the first time, you usually have to shake your right hand with your right hand. People who do not know each other often do not kiss or hug each other when they first meet.

When greeting, Australians like to greet by enclosing the words “grandfather”, “grandmother”, “aunt” or, more politely, “sir” in front of someone’s surname to show respect. important.

A lot of Australians look directly into other people’s eyes when they talk and treat it as respect and show that it is a sign of listening.

When meeting new people, Australians often feel uncomfortable asking questions or being asked questions related to privacy such as age, marital status and finances.

Of the total population of 19 million, 73% of Australians are Christians 12.7% do not follow any religion. The rest are some followers of Judaism, Islam and Buddhism

Australia is one of the most dynamic places in the world in the field of moisture. Due to the influence of international cooking. In Australia, there are usually wet festivals,, they like to eat seafood and barbecue.

Above are the dominant features and travelling hobbies of Australian travelers. Hope the information is helpful for you.