Top new online games in 2020

Online games become popular and loved by many people nowadays. It’s convenient to play anywhere and anytime you expect.

Although online games have received many claims from the parent that it wastes time and affects badly to regular habit of players. Online games bring positive benefits. Once you have to get balance playing online games and other jobs, you can take advantages from this game.

In this article, we continue to share top hot games in 2020. Following it and choose game list suiting to your favorite and demand.

5/ Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 is launched by Techland in 2020. Techland plays an important role as developer of this new version. Then it is published by Techland Publishing. It can be played in multi group with maximum 4 players.

Before it is introduced to players, it is used on available platforms like PC, PS4 or XBO. Therefore, it’s popular and potential to attack more and more users in all markets.

Starting origin from Dying Light, the new version has the same survival horror action and also some new changes.

To start this game, you will make your choices about stories and consequences, then take action. You will face and overcome zombies and factions which are obstacles to prevent your speed. Your mission is to handle with them faster and faster.

You also choose multi player modes to play with other teammates. However, the host will control more because he can know detail about the progression. All people can use and bring weapons and upgrades in this game.

In general, Dying Light 2 is offering to competitive multiplayers in TBA, therefore almost players feel satisfactory when they collect in a team and join this game in one time. It is limited by the control of host in progression to make choices and create more challenges for other players. The rest are highly appreciated. So, it is deserved to become a hot game in 2020.

Top new online games in 2020

Online game tends to become popular with many people, especially the young guys. It’s convenient to play one game without going out or investing too much budget. There are many free online games for your trial.

In this article, we refer top new online games in 2020. In the ranking, they are almost new games launched recent times. It looks good recommendations to use up free time meaningfully.

1/ Skull & Bones

It has been founded by Ubisoft and available in PC, PS4 and XBO. This game can play maximum 4 players in one time with more competition in flighting.

About gameplay rules and mechanics, it is familiar to video games released before like: Assassin’s Creed IV. It means player’s mission is to call for orders and messages to crew to combat the rivals during the ship. It is great experience when you prefer to connect with a team to fight against others. Or you want to become the most notorious pirate in the world.

2/ Marvel’s Avengers

Estimated that this game will be released on 15th May 2020. It has been developed by Crystal Dynamics and available in PC, PS4, Google Stadia and XBO. This game can play up to online 4 players in one flighting. It is a franchise from Tomb Raider to make a new brand called Marvel Avengers.

However, it is a completely new experience compared with the previous Marvel franchise. It promises about interest and excitement for multi players.

As trailer, this story is around an accident which causes destroying of the headquarters and city. Then heroes take up new mission to save humanity one again.

In the first feeling, Marvel’s Avengers 2020 is not only an action adventure game but also a multi cooperation with other players to win finally.