Top new online games in 2020

Online games become popular and interesting with many walks of life. People enjoy it to relax their mind, fill in free time or even improve memory and intelligent. The truth that you can get balance and limit playing online games in proper time.

In this article, we recommend top new games in this year for reference. If you are a fan of online game, you shouldn’t miss our suggestion as following.

3/ Crossfire X

Smilegate is founder of this game but it has been launched by Xbox Game Studios in 2020. Based one XBO platform with competitive multiplayers, this game gives new experience about series of Black list terrorist in the global risk. It is exciting fights among members in one group.

The truth that Crossfire X has inspired from Smilegate released in 2007 and E3 released in 2019, then combination and creation a new game with more challenge and danger for players.

4/ Chivalry 2

It is developed by Torn Banner Studios and launch by Tripwire Interactive. It only has a platform on PC. As other hot game, it has been designed in version both multiplayers and individual. But it is a big focus on services of multiplayer battles, therefore it is better to play with your team.

As introduced before, all battles are set up in chaotic backgrounds. It can be battles in an enemy force, fighting in riding horses or a big cinematic fight which looks like as thrilling views in action films of HBO cinema. For some younger players, they feel extremely exciting with fast and strong action. It makes your mind to remind to the medieval battles in the past. It also means that it’s good to improve knowledge and event about history.

Estimated that, one game can contain up to 64 players. So, you can compete to many rivals.