8 places not to be missed when traveling to Italy (Part 1)

Not only has the warm Great Mediterranean climate suitable for year-round tourism, Italy is also a tourist country that attracts more than 50 million tourists each year with unique architectural works and attractions.

Chemical-culinary-fashion rich and unique, excellent beaches and ancient priceless relics. Among them, there are 8 landmarks, sights not to be missed when traveling Italy.

Leaning Tower of Pisa – Symbol of Italy

Topping the list of famous tourist attractions not to be missed when traveling to Italy is the leaning tower of Pisa – the symbol of Italy.

Built in the 12th century with the original shape is no different from other towers in the world.

But because of its built on subsidence ground, over time the new tower has a characteristic inclined shape as today and becomes one of the most unique places to visit Italy. Currently, after many salvage efforts after the risk of collapse, the Leaning Tower of Pisa has a stable tilt of 3.9 degrees.


Colosseum is only a ruin but it is still a symbol and a heroic proof for the great Roman Empire, one of the most beautiful and unique ancient Roman architecture left on. world. Moreover, Colosseum is one of the famous tourist attractions and attractions that attract the most Italian tourists in Rome.

Florence Cathedral 

Don’t miss Florence Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral when traveling to the art city of Florence, Italy. Built during the Renaissance, featuring a unique Gothic architecture dome, the Florence Cathedral is not only a symbol of the art city of Florence, but also a beautiful architectural work. Must-visit places to visit when traveling to Florence, Italy.

Basilica Mark – Italy’s largest gold-plated building

Any visitor traveling to Venice, Italy will spend time visiting St. Mark’s Cathedral to admire the unique dome of Byzantine architecture and beautiful mosaics and many other priceless artifacts.

In particular, some of the cathedral’s towers are inlaid with gold and this is also the reason why the destination cannot fail to visit once when traveling to Venice, Italy. This is also known as the Golden Church.