Series of great role-playing mobile games that will storm the world in 2019 (Part 2)

Perfect World Mobile

Introduced from April 2018 within the framework of ChinaJoy 2018, but until now, the Perfect World Mobile game called Perfect World Mobile has an official ‘release date’. Accordingly, Tencent Games will release this mobile game in China on March 6.

In fact, Perfect World Mobile has tried many times and made a good impression on gamers, especially those who played Perfect World before with many similar features to the original, which has been crowded with people.

Accordingly, in Perfect World Mobile will have 3 races including Human (Person), Untamed (Animal), and Winged Elf (Fairy with wings), in addition to 5 of the 6 classes that are confirmed as Human Wizard (witch), Human Blademaster (swordsman), Untamed Barbarian (man), Male Winged Elves Archer (archer), and Female Winged Elves Cleric (cleric). The 6th race is rumored to be “Fairy Tzu” but has no specific information.

In addition, the name Perfect World Mobile has not been confirmed in the international market, it can be changed when the game launched in English (unfortunately, there are currently no plans to launch).

Some of the features that you can find in Perfect World Mobile are the beautiful world and gamers can fly in the sky with wings or flying animals, warships and warships. in the original Perfect World on PC. Currently NSX Perfect World promises that in the game there will be super-wide map to 60,000 km2 for players to freely explore or admire.

Ax: Alliance vs Empire

Ax: Alliance vs Empire brings the same control system as other action mobile games. Players will use virtual joystick joysticks to move characters and explore the mysterious, vast fantasy fantasy world with countless battles and collect many different items.

Bearing in itself an MMORPG with a strong focus on RvR fighting style, the PVP feature is the element that creates the strong appeal of Ax: Alliance vs Empire. When your character reaches a certain level, they can advance to their own battlefield, designed for both Alliance and Empire factions to “slaughter” each other.