Korean people like to travel, play and work very hard. They often distinguish very clearly issues such as work, family and leisure. Korean people pay great attention to date and time feng shui techniques in building houses or doing important things.

Young people tend to live a modern life. They are practical, simple, active, like to communicate, easy to adapt to and adapt to new situations. Enjoy traveling and attending movement activities suitable for the young age.

Korean women are peaceful, calm, polite and good at housewives. Korean people have the concept that housework, taking care of their husbands and children is a women’s function.

Korean people like white. Because to them, white symbolizes purity, purity and faithfulness.

When talking or smiling, you need to cover your mouth with your hand so that you are not considered rude. At the same time, when communicating with Koreans, pay attention not to put your hands in your pocket or pocket. Because that will be considered impolite.

Koreans love to play sports. Especially sports such as soccer, volleyball, golf, baseball, martial arts, etc.

Taste and how to eat

Koreans use spoon to eat rice, chopsticks to pick up food. They never use spoons and chopsticks in parallel at meals. At the same time, when eating, they must put the bowl on the table, do not pick it up. Otherwise it would be considered impolite.

Korean people focus on breakfast and dinner. Lunch for them is considered a breakfast.

Three dishes are always on the Korean dining table: Pap (rice), Kim chi (spicy pickled vegetables) and Kanjang (soy sauce). In particular, Kimchi plays an important role in Korean meals. In their tray of rice there are always many small dishes to store Kimchi dishes.

Koreans generally like to eat seafood, beef, like spices such as garlic, onion, chili and often use sesame oil in food processing.

Characteristics of Korean tourists

Korean tourists like the type of sea tourism, leisure, cultural learning.

Besides, traveling with the purpose of seeking business cooperation partners is also one of the popular types of tourism of Koreans.

Despite having a more open lifestyle than some other Asian countries, Korean tourists who travel abroad still retain their national identity. In communication, they appear to be open, cheerful, lively but very polite, kept in moderation and have quite a high level of autonomy.

Korean tourists when traveling like to live in a fun atmosphere with tours and group activities.

Korean tourists have high solvency. Therefore, they often choose the type of travel service or more.