Tips to travel to Europe in safety (Part 1)

Europe is an attractive spot for anyone in the world. If you are a loving traveler, you shouldn’t miss beauties of culture, tradition and landscape in this continent.

However, there are much strange and novelty from this area you should prepare before travelling so that you have a safe and memorial trip.

In this article, we share useful tips you should remember in Europe. Following to enjoy your trip wonderfully.

1, Taking a cab

All cities in Europe are modern and developed, so they have reliable public transportation. It’s better to use it in your travel. It can save cost as well is convenient to visit somewhere.

The fact, cab fares in Europe are expensive. Sometimes you can’t navigate the road driver is going. Maybe you feel a little worried. Another recommendation, there are many historic streets at there, you should enjoy walking to discover them. It looks romantic or historic for a foreigner.

2, Don’t buy tickets late

When visiting museum or any famous place, you should buy tickets. Your advice is to book it in reservation through their online website. It can save your time as well avoid scrambling or waiting your turn.

As shared, in one day, Europe welcome and serve millions of tourists from all over the world. Almost foreigner will choose famous spots to visit. So, the crowded can be congestion.

Don’t make your trip to become waiting and still waiting. It’s terrible.

3, Check list restaurant you will go

Eating is the most important for each trip. When your stomach feels full and comfortable, you have energy to do other jobs.

In Europe, they mix various cultures among other places, so cuisine is extremely diversity and developing.

It is better to research which restaurant is suitable for your demand. You should check it in advance to sure that expense is reasonable as well matches your taste.

When coming a new location, it’s great to enjoy new food to understand more about the local itself.

10 things you should remember before visiting the USA

The USA is home of many picturesque and landscapes which is compared as countless treasures on the Earth. Therefore, there are many things to discover when you come here, from iconic attractions, concrete jungles or the beach, the river. Many destinations to make a memorial oversea trip at the USA.

However, the USA has strict rules for foreigner before entry to this nation, including requirements and road rules, payment, customs. 

If you are preparing a trip to this nation, you should follow our article to see top 10 important tips you should know before visiting the United States of America.

1/ States and regions

The USA is split into 50 states and many different regions, including in the West, the Midwest, the Northwest and the South. At each region, they are different in geographical character as well traditions, cultures and customs, besides general rules applied throughout the world.

You should read reference whether which region you want to visit. Then following it to collect more information.

2/ Tipping is an interesting culture

When you visit any restaurant, bar or using service in taxi, you should leave a top for waiter. This is a normal practice to thank whom helping you.

Because the wage of waiters is low, this culture becomes a good way to increase their quality lives.

In general, you should leave a 15% to 20% tip. 

3/ You need to pay more money than quotation

When purchasing goods and services, the price on display is not final. As normal, it will be added 10% or more a little considered as the tax. It’s not fixed because per state has unique rules about the tax.

So, you are not surprising when you have to pay more than the price is on display at the counter.

8 places not to be missed when traveling to Italy (Part 2)

Italy has many unique sculpture structures, of which the Trevi fountain is the most magnificent sculpture, attracting the most tourists. The statues of Neptune, Tritons, seahorses, young girls, etc. exquisitely carved from Carrara limestone and marble are the attractive highlights of the most worthy place when traveling to Rome, Italy.

Trevi Fountain

This is a magnificent, famous and meaningful place to visit when traveling to Rome, Italy.

But the point that makes Travi fountain is a place to visit, visit attracts many tourists Rome, Italy is the legend of throwing a coin to pray for good luck, health, such as ideas, love. More than 3,000 euros were thrown on the radio, which is often used to subsidize the poor in Rome.

Amalfi Coast

The beautiful rocks and a small town with unique architecture, colorful construction built on the hillsides and cliffs have made Amalfi coast become the best destination to visit in Italy. Not only that, this coast has become the backdrop of many world famous films and television.

In addition, the seafood here is very fresh and quite cheap. Admire the beautiful scenery while enjoying exquisite cuisine, then visiting some famous towns buried by volcanoes will be an unforgettable experience when traveling to Italy you should try.

Grand Canal

This is the most romantic and typical sights to visit when traveling to Venice, Italy. Especially, if you travel to Venice, Italy in September, you can also witness the boat race on the Grand Canal every year.

Vesuvius Volcano

Vesuvisus volcano is still active today, but it is one of the adventure attractions should visit once when traveling to the Bay of Naples, Italy.

When you come here, you will not only visit the top and look at the crater but also witness the strong devastation after the eruption of Vesuvisus volcano through the genius views of the two ancient cities of Pompeli and Herrculaneum. Don’t forget to drop by the national park right below the volcano.

8 places not to be missed when traveling to Italy (Part 1)

Not only has the warm Great Mediterranean climate suitable for year-round tourism, Italy is also a tourist country that attracts more than 50 million tourists each year with unique architectural works and attractions.

Chemical-culinary-fashion rich and unique, excellent beaches and ancient priceless relics. Among them, there are 8 landmarks, sights not to be missed when traveling Italy.

Leaning Tower of Pisa – Symbol of Italy

Topping the list of famous tourist attractions not to be missed when traveling to Italy is the leaning tower of Pisa – the symbol of Italy.

Built in the 12th century with the original shape is no different from other towers in the world.

But because of its built on subsidence ground, over time the new tower has a characteristic inclined shape as today and becomes one of the most unique places to visit Italy. Currently, after many salvage efforts after the risk of collapse, the Leaning Tower of Pisa has a stable tilt of 3.9 degrees.


Colosseum is only a ruin but it is still a symbol and a heroic proof for the great Roman Empire, one of the most beautiful and unique ancient Roman architecture left on. world. Moreover, Colosseum is one of the famous tourist attractions and attractions that attract the most Italian tourists in Rome.

Florence Cathedral 

Don’t miss Florence Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral when traveling to the art city of Florence, Italy. Built during the Renaissance, featuring a unique Gothic architecture dome, the Florence Cathedral is not only a symbol of the art city of Florence, but also a beautiful architectural work. Must-visit places to visit when traveling to Florence, Italy.

Basilica Mark – Italy’s largest gold-plated building

Any visitor traveling to Venice, Italy will spend time visiting St. Mark’s Cathedral to admire the unique dome of Byzantine architecture and beautiful mosaics and many other priceless artifacts.

In particular, some of the cathedral’s towers are inlaid with gold and this is also the reason why the destination cannot fail to visit once when traveling to Venice, Italy. This is also known as the Golden Church.

Asian people prefer to travel with their family (Part 2)

In addition, more than half of Thai tourists (66%) and Indonesians (54%) responded that inviting grandparents to take a vacation was always part of their plan. This trend is also reflected when looking at the list of extended family members of Thais and Indonesians on vacation, which may include siblings, cousins, aunts, and aunts. uncles.

Not only are they not inclined to travel with their families, but very few Americans, British, Australians and Chinese travel with other groups of friends, with only 22% of Americans, 23% of Brits, 26% Australians and 27% of Chinese people traveled with friends in the past year.

Meanwhile, nearly half (48%) of travelers from the Philippines often travel with a group of friends on some of their vacations, followed by Vietnamese and Malaysian family travelers with 43% and 40%. %.

The preferred family at the hotel

Use the online booking service (OTA) to book family-preferred vacations for the past 12 months. According to the survey results, the hotel is still the most popular choice for families, besides other options such as resort apartments, self-catering guest houses and all-inclusive resort.

Cost, safety and operations are always the top priorities for most travelers around the globe when planning family vacations, compared to traveling alone or not with family.

Family is the motivation for the holiday

Longer working hours and countless distractions from modern life are making families spend less time everyday together. So it’s no surprise that most travelers around the world expect family trips to bring quality quality time together (68%). Relaxing (66%) and experiencing new things (46%) are ranked 2nd and 3rd.

The British and Singaporeans are the favorite group that like the most adventurous on family trips. Discovering new cultures is considered the most popular family travel experience of these two groups of tourists (48% and 46% respectively). Chinese and Thai tourists are less interested in exploring the culture on their trip with only 29% of people choosing.

The biggest concern

When looking at family-related concerns, illness (36%), housing standards (21%) and family disagreements (16%) were the biggest concerns for most. all tourists across the globe. British travelers seem to be the least worried when it comes to family vacations, with nearly a third of those surveyed (27%) answered that they didn’t mind at all.

Asian people prefer to travel with their family (Part 1)

Citizens of Asian countries tend to take many vacations with 77% of Thai travelers, 62% of Filipino travelers say they have at least 5 family vacations, twice as much as Western ones.

The results of Agoda’s global family travel trends 2018 have revealed that 7 out of 10 surveyed families take vacations together at least 2 times a year. Asian tourists often go away with their family up to 5 times per year, more than double that of Western tourists.

The survey also found that only 18% of travelers around the globe took one family vacation each year, while more than 34% of the respondents had more than five family trips in the past year.

In particular, Asian countries dominated the trend of multiple vacations with 77% of Thai travelers and 62% of Filipino travelers saying they had at least 5 family vacations in the past year. In contrast, only 7% of British travelers have more than 5 family vacations and up to 34% have only 1 holiday.

Take a short break but more often

Family travel is tending to “explode” globally. Specific studies on the subjects and length of stay of family vacations have yielded mixed results.

A 4 to 7-night vacation is common for most families around the globe, but there are also wide disparities in countries.

In the UK, 41% of family travelers lasted 4-7 nights, compared with only 20% of Thai travelers with the same length of stay. Instead, family vacations lasting more than 14 nights are favored by a third of Thai travelers, compared to just 11% of Malaysian travelers who opt for such extended stays. Most Vietnamese, Malaysian and Chinese families have the same preference for a 1-3-night vacation.

Multi-generational family vacations

The survey also looked at subjects on family vacations and found that up to 35% of travelers globally had vacations with grandparents, while UK and Australian travelers often did not have this trend, only 13% and 20% of visitors from these two countries have the same choice.

Learn about the travelling hobbies of some Asian countries (Part 2)

In general, Malaysians are friendly and hospitable, enthusiastic, generous, respectful, polite and respectful of meaning.

Malaysians have a habit of touching the opponent’s palm and clasping their hands together when greeting someone.

Malaysians ask about timers exactly like Westerners. They do not like to welcome guests at sunset. Because they have to perform a number of Muslim religious rites at this time. If you want to visit a Malaysian, you should choose a suitable time, after 20:30.

The most suitable topic to talk to Malaysians is business, business, social stories, football, history, Malaysian culture or regional cuisine, etc.

The best gift for Malaysians is a pen and a business notebook. At the same time, avoid giving them alcohol (except Chinese Malaysians).

Malaysians rarely smoke, do not eat pork, do not use blood from animals (especially Muslims).

They like to drink coffee, eat betel and drink Lipton tea.

The Malaysians rarely sit at the table, often lay out mats and sit in a circle. They have a habit of eating. Right hand loading food. The left hand, if using tools such as spoons, forks, etc., must ask the people sitting around.

Malaysians eat spicy foods and meals, avoid alcohol and offer alcohol as well as pork (especially for Muslims).

Thai guests

Buddhism has imbued with thoughts as well as the culture and traditions of Thai people. Therefore, Thai people are often very simple, open and hospitable.

They are often very polite, considerate and thoughtful and want to be treated in accordance with the customs and rituals of their country.

Thai people’s tastes are very diverse. However, they often use spicy spices for food processing.

Thai people greet each other by putting their hands in front of their nose. This type of greeting can be used when greeting, saying goodbye, thank you or asking for forgiveness. This offer has become extremely popular, becoming a custom associated with the lives of Thai people. Therefore, they rarely shake hands when meeting each other, especially for women.

Thai people think that the right hand is a sign of nobility, while the left hand shows an impurity. Therefore, when eating or giving gifts to Thai people, use the left hand to show respect. Usually, the gift that most Thai people love is flowers or fresh fruit.

Thai people abstain from pointing their feet at others, rubbing their heads or touching other people’s heads. All these gestures are considered impolite, disrespectful.

Learn about the travelling hobbies of some Asian countries (Part 1)

Asian countries are popularly known for their diverse rituals and cultures. Let’s learn about how these would influence their travelling hobbies!

Cambodian guests

Cambodians have honesty, patience before difficulties, endure hardship in labor and politeness in society. The elderly people like others respect. Women are often shy. Both old and young have gentle hearts, do not like to lie. So if one lied, deceived Cambodians once, they would lose their faith in them, even leading to hatred.

Cambodian travellers are gentle and respect rituals, especially religious rituals.

They usually wear traditional clothes with a Krama scarf (bandanna) on their heads. This towel has many uses such has making a face wash towel, making bags when shopping, hot weather can absorb water to cover the head for cool, cold weather can be put on the neck to fight cold, when going to bed can be used as blanket, etc.

Therefore, the bandanna has become a cultural characteristic of Cambodians. Therefore, when being given a towel, you must pay homage and respect.

Cambodian cuisine as well as habits of ethnic groups belonging to wet rice civilization in Asia. Cambodians have a habit of eating plain rice and eating more fish than eating meat. Most meals have rice. Other dishes such as curry, soup, and potato chips are usually the main dishes that come in quite popular.

In addition to sticky rice, Cambodians also use glutinous rice to make sticky rice and glutinous rice. Sticky rice often comes with durian for dessert. Lam rice is often used as a substitute for rice for farmers. When they have no processing time.

Cambodian cuisine influences the style of India and China. Most dishes are light, sweet and fatty. Indian food is found in spices used in Cambodian dishes such as satay, chilli, pepper, anise, etc.Chinese cuisine is recognized in its high-fat processing, Sichuan cuisine.

Malaysian guests

Malaysia is a Muslim country, with over 50% of the population following Islam. The rest follow other religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity. Therefore, Malaysian culture consists of many different subcultures such as Western, Indian, Chinese, etc. However, their culture and lifestyle are not polarized but harmonized, combined with each other to develop together.

What are the travelling hobbies of Australian travelers?

The migration from Europe, America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East to Australia enriches the Australian culture and Australian style, contributing to the formation of new tradition. The great contribution of these migrants is to make Australian life in all fields even more unique from trade to art, from food to comedy.

Let’s have a look at the most dominant features and travelling hobbies of the Australian guests as follows.

Many Australians love sports, watch rugby and Australian football.

Australians are naturally fair people and dislike style. The overwhelming majority of Australian guests are law-abiding and ethical.

Australians are very open and forthright.

Australians believe in the principle of fairness for everyone.

Australians advocate for friends, who are disadvantaged and disadvantaged. The weak are those who stand out or be an opponent without the hope of winning a sports competition or competition.

Australians love sports, like to participate as both players and viewers.

The ten most popular physical activities are: walking, aerobics / fitness, swimming, bicycle, tennis, golf, jogging, jungle walking, soccer and handball .

Other popular sports are: cricket, cricket, baseball and skiing.

Performance arts such as movies, painting, theater and music all have a wide audience.

When meeting someone for the first time, you usually have to shake your right hand with your right hand. People who do not know each other often do not kiss or hug each other when they first meet.

When greeting, Australians like to greet by enclosing the words “grandfather”, “grandmother”, “aunt” or, more politely, “sir” in front of someone’s surname to show respect. important.

A lot of Australians look directly into other people’s eyes when they talk and treat it as respect and show that it is a sign of listening.

When meeting new people, Australians often feel uncomfortable asking questions or being asked questions related to privacy such as age, marital status and finances.

Of the total population of 19 million, 73% of Australians are Christians 12.7% do not follow any religion. The rest are some followers of Judaism, Islam and Buddhism

Australia is one of the most dynamic places in the world in the field of moisture. Due to the influence of international cooking. In Australia, there are usually wet festivals,, they like to eat seafood and barbecue.

Above are the dominant features and travelling hobbies of Australian travelers. Hope the information is helpful for you.

Learn about the travelling hobbies of American tourists

Americans are dynamic, passionate, adventurous, pragmatic, like communicating and traveling activities.

The notable features of American travellers

The United States is a place where many peoples are mixed, forming the United States of America, often with diverse and quite complicated characteristics.

Americans have a variety of dress styles, and are not in any particular way, when sitting on a chair, they often lean their shoulders against the wall, and sometimes even their legs are on the desk.

American guests will quickly use the name when communicating, and they have the habit of having a light lunch, the rest, spending the main meal at dinner time. They often set appointments for breakfast appointments.

Americans have a habit of respecting personal freedom. For them, they could sit with their feet on the table, hands clasped behind the back of their necks, clothes with many pockets. According to them, that shows that an individual’s habit should be respected. Americans are very confident in the mystical power, like to see generals, numbers, taboo numbers on Friday.

Likes cruises. In particular, they are very interested in sports such as swimming, windsurfing, diving, sailing in the tourist area.

Americans have high demand for ecotourism, cultural and artistic tourism. They like to participate in cultural and festival activities of local communities.

American tourists often like to walk around the city by cyclo, like walking to buy or sell or watch the landscape at night at the tourist destination.

Transport means that they often prefer to use in tourism activities: aircraft, cars or ships.

The taste of American tourists

Americans are not picky about eating. They usually like cold and simple foods such as bread with milk or with steak.

They often like to use fast food to ensure sufficient quality, save time and suit industrial life.

Traditional American dishes are fried ribs, crab cakes and chicken sandwiches. They like to use sweet and salty cakes. In particular, they like apples cooked with goose or cooked with small minced meat. They also like to eat dishes made from seafood, Chinese and Vietnamese dishes. They do not like to eat hot in Eastern style, prefer French wine during meals.

They like to drink coffee, pure mineral water, fruit juice or coke when traveling and prefer to stay in 4-5 star hotels or on stilts and tents in ecological areas.