Top the best computer games all the time

If you are finding something interesting to relax in free time, you can read reference top the best games for PC all the time as our followings.

We try to collect top favorited games through other sources of database. 

6, Grand Theft Auto V

It’s a driving game for anyone love fast pace and adventure.

In is inspired from motor races in the USA such as GTA, it is designed professionally from graphics to racetracks and even music during the journey. All are combined perfectly to make a legendary game.

How you feel when listing an American folk music then drive in highway at amazing speed. It looks great to enjoy.

7, World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is an adventure video game launched in 2004.

Coming to this game, you will live in a student life which series of daily stories at school with friends, teacher, style or sports. Seeming that you are living in a childhood world.

This game is highly appreciated when setting up close stories with students. You can choose games at other levels: secondary school, high school or university. 

Sure that this game can bring a lot of relaxing and peace in mind after stress of the life.

8, Breath of the wild

This game brings a new aspect about the human life where around is covered by mountains, forest and sky.

The graphics are carefully designed to make natural landscapes.

Games in Breath of the Wild are appreciated with creation and open-ended as a trend of the modern life.

The next version will be launched in the end of 2020 with much expectation for new journey.

9, Portal 2

This game has few fictions when telling stories about robot and machine.

Players need to shoot two portals to solve puzzles about co-op or enthralling stories.

You also choose two-player mode to play with partner.

Top the best computer games all the time

In this article, we continue to share top the best games any gamer should be try because it’s on the legend of game all the time.

Following it to understand more development and spreading of computer games. Don’t forget to see playing computer games in the positive thinking. When you control this game, it can bring a lot of benefits. So, it’s better to take advantage it to make your life more interesting.

4/ The Last of Us

The great story in The Last of Us is rewarded the Oscar due to a worthy narrative. So, it is more exciting to discover.

At the world of this game, players can see almost like weapon. Although there are some genuine stakes, fighting as well beating- shooting during the stories, you feel a little thrilling and humorous to join the fight. 

There are some main actors like Joel and Ellie to be close with though of the human. It brings comfortable and natural emotion for any player. He can imagine that he is the world of the Last of Us truly.

5/ Minecraft

Minecraft is an action-adventure game launched in computer.

This game is a revolution about operation of sandbox games. Until nowadays, it is one of the favorited games all the time.

In the reality life, it takes hours working to work with your friend so that can build up new thing or share something you are thinking. Even, your team misunderstand your thinking. However, you can improve this problem through Minecraft.

This game will develop exponentially to reach faster and more effectively through support of more collaborations, server systems or IPs. It’s deserved as an adventure game for any person preferring to develop soft skills better.

Besides version in PC, it has already introduced another version on smartphone to make more popularity.

Top the best computer games all the time

Since computer was invested, it became a big breakthrough of technology to the human life. Nowadays, people take advantage of benefits of computer for working and relaxing. It becomes an indispensable part for the modern life. 

One of entertainment way from computer is playing games. In this article, we collect top the best computer games all the time. If you are a fan of game, you shouldn’t miss this article whether you have ever played all interesting games or not.

1/ Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III is an action-adventure game in Computer.

This game describes a dark and gritty world obviously where players feel they are lost in the dark. Design and content are wonderful to make the best experience for anyone.

Although The dark souls have been gone through some next versions like Bloodborne and Sekiro, it can’t be better than version of III. 

2/ Shovel Knight

Shovel knight is a good game for top high recommendation to play when it is invested by graphic design, fictional character, color as well art.

Since establishment, it has been reached records and great achievements when it is always on the top favorite games in a long time.

It also has been inspiration from the retro platformer and metroidvania game, then created new version with new title about content. Players feel confusing in the world of Shovel Knight when it makes balance between nostalgia and creativity.

3/ Overwatch

Overwatch brings style of the first-person shooter style with beautiful appearance as well gameplay following on the targets. 

In this game, players will be set up maps and accessories to fight with opponent. Players also can choose multiplayer model. It’s optional.

This game has created hero with fictional character and action, so it is easy to attract the male players for try.