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Top best online games in the world (Part 1)

If you have free time and are looking for a game genre you like! Let find out the top 10 best online games!

In today’s technologically advanced era, finding a very entertaining game is simple and there are many. But to find a suitable game genre, bringing entertainment and cultural sports to the healthy competition arenas, it is not so simple. The following are the types of games that are popular with young people and are dominating the game market today.

League of Legends

League of Legends was released in 2009 and has been actively watched by the gaming community, and has become increasingly popular in the years since.

According to a 2012 Forber article, League of Legends is the most played computer game in North America and Europe in terms of hours played. As of January 2014, 67 million people play League of Legends every month, 27 million a day, and more than 7.5 million at the same time.

This is a game that many countries hold tournaments around the world with many excellent gamers. This is one of the gaming tournament that enhances the culture of every gamer.


DOTA 2 is a game based on a famous game mod from Warcaft III and its expansion The Frozen Throne. The game was first announced on October 23, 2010.

With unique ideas, rich and diverse graphics, the characters in the game have attracted the attention of many gamers who love the classic and style of this game. The game helps to improve teamwork, because this teamwork will help change the outcome of a losing battle to a victory.

Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is an online game where players build a community, train soldiers, and attack other players to get gold, it is designed with cute characters so it is easy to attract attention. With this game, players must update regularly to monitor and check the operation process to manage more effectively.


This is a game owned by the entertainment company that was released at the Blizzcon event. The game belongs to the first-person shooter genre by team. Players will play one of the factions including warriors, guardians, opposites with the common mission of protecting peace with a team called “Overwatch” – an organization that has been disbanded.

In fact, this is Blizzard’s Titan error project to replace World Of Warcaft, but after replacing with Overwatch, it has brought positive comments and strong tracking from the audience has brought unbelievable success. Come for Blizzard.

Learn about the travelling hobbies of American tourists

Americans are dynamic, passionate, adventurous, pragmatic, like communicating and traveling activities.

The notable features of American travellers

The United States is a place where many peoples are mixed, forming the United States of America, often with diverse and quite complicated characteristics.

Americans have a variety of dress styles, and are not in any particular way, when sitting on a chair, they often lean their shoulders against the wall, and sometimes even their legs are on the desk.

American guests will quickly use the name when communicating, and they have the habit of having a light lunch, the rest, spending the main meal at dinner time. They often set appointments for breakfast appointments.

Americans have a habit of respecting personal freedom. For them, they could sit with their feet on the table, hands clasped behind the back of their necks, clothes with many pockets. According to them, that shows that an individual’s habit should be respected. Americans are very confident in the mystical power, like to see generals, numbers, taboo numbers on Friday.

Likes cruises. In particular, they are very interested in sports such as swimming, windsurfing, diving, sailing in the tourist area.

Americans have high demand for ecotourism, cultural and artistic tourism. They like to participate in cultural and festival activities of local communities.

American tourists often like to walk around the city by cyclo, like walking to buy or sell or watch the landscape at night at the tourist destination.

Transport means that they often prefer to use in tourism activities: aircraft, cars or ships.

The taste of American tourists

Americans are not picky about eating. They usually like cold and simple foods such as bread with milk or with steak.

They often like to use fast food to ensure sufficient quality, save time and suit industrial life.

Traditional American dishes are fried ribs, crab cakes and chicken sandwiches. They like to use sweet and salty cakes. In particular, they like apples cooked with goose or cooked with small minced meat. They also like to eat dishes made from seafood, Chinese and Vietnamese dishes. They do not like to eat hot in Eastern style, prefer French wine during meals.

They like to drink coffee, pure mineral water, fruit juice or coke when traveling and prefer to stay in 4-5 star hotels or on stilts and tents in ecological areas.

5 novelty sports games for PC

Sports has always been a fertile area of ​​PC gaming with a large fan base around the world. Here is a list of 5 new sports games you should try.

The golf game is based on the famous Irish golfer Rory Mcllroy – who won 4 championships when he was 25 years old. Compared to other golf games on the market, Rory McIlroy PGA Tour has many different features such as backswing bar, hypothetical flight of the ball, interaction of the ball with the environment.

Another great point of the game is the licensed professional golf and integrated into the game (can be purchased in the expansion). Rory Mcllroy was rated by Fun88 sports commentators as one of the most entertaining sports games in 2017

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD

Despite the mixed reviews, this is still the best skateboarding game for PC. In addition to the new features of the game, the HD graphics section has been greatly improved. Players must complete many tasks to open different skills. The more tricks you use, the higher your score. 

NHL 09

The graphics for nearly 10 years old may seem a bit old, but this doesn’t change the fact that this is the best ice hockey game you can find. Fun gameplay and smooth control mechanism, NHL 09 attracts players in both single and multiplayer modes with technical levels from easy to advanced.

Virtua Tennis 3

This is definitely the top tennis game for PC systems. The game is a combination of arcade and simulation that makes the game fit every player’s needs, from ‘play for fun’ to ‘serious’.

You can customize your character with a range of branded accessories. The graphics of the game are taken care of so well that you can see the individuality of each professional player.

World of Fishing

Fishing is always a very special form of game compared to other sports games; However, for those fans of this patience, World of Fishing is the best game they can find.

The game is a mix of emulator and MMO with hundreds of fishing tools, skills and locations for you to explore. The game has over 450 types of fish and a daily quest system, ensuring you will be fascinated in the world of World of Fishing.

The interesting travelling hobbies of Japanese travelers

Below are some dominating features of Japanese travelers.

Japanese women have Kimonos (traditional costumes) in diplomatic rituals. Depending on the content of the ceremony, the relationship level, the age that requires different Kimono colors.

The Japanese are smart, diligent, wise. They have high community spirit and know how to use the power of the group to work. They are disciplined and aware at work, eager to learn and always pray for progress.

Most Japanese follow Buddhism, but in the past few decades, the trend towards Protestantism and Christianity in Japanese youth has been increasing.

Japanese always have national pride, always respect the traditions of the country and people. These have made remarkable achievements in their economy and culture. Japanese culture is heavily influenced by Chinese culture. So yin and yang theory, feng shui techniques are very popular in their lives. They really believe in generals, and are taboo 4, prefer odd numbers 3, 5, 7, 9, etc.

 The Japanese consider cherry blossoms “Sakura” as their national symbol. The traditional colors that they often use are black and red (hot  positive, growing).

When traveling, they often choose a beach destination where there are lots of sunshine, beautiful scenery, attractive, clear blue sea, golden sand, warm climate.

They love nature, have a high aesthetic demand for tourism products and services, very loyal to traditional culture.

The demand for Japanese cultural tourism is huge. Therefore, they like to study the local culture with a long history with famous historical and cultural constructions.

When booking a room, the Japanese do not like to choose the rooftop or 1st and 2nd floor in the hotel. Because according to them they are unsafe places.

Japanese people like to buy many souvenirs during their trips. According to Japanese habits, when traveling far away, giving gifts to relatives, friends, agencies and neighbors is indispensable. It was an expression of their respectful affection.

They like to eat dishes made from seafood such as shrimp, crab, fish and squid. In particular, their luxurious traditional dishes are shark fins, tuna meat, whale meat. The typical dish of Japanese people is a very well-cooked fish salad from flounder fish , Puffer fish, Octopus.

 Japanese people are very fond of dishes made from puffer fish. According to the Japanese concept, puffer meat is very nutritious. Puffer fish is processed into a very sophisticated salad. Or fish meat is cut into thin pieces arranged into chrysanthemums very impressive.

The Japanese like to eat Chinese food, American fast food, and drink French wine, like to drink 250ml bottled sake.

Learn about Asian travelers’ featured hobbies (Part 4)

Korean people like to travel, play and work very hard. They often distinguish very clearly issues such as work, family and leisure. Korean people pay great attention to date and time feng shui techniques in building houses or doing important things.

Young people tend to live a modern life. They are practical, simple, active, like to communicate, easy to adapt to and adapt to new situations. Enjoy traveling and attending movement activities suitable for the young age.

Korean women are peaceful, calm, polite and good at housewives. Korean people have the concept that housework, taking care of their husbands and children is a women’s function.

Korean people like white. Because to them, white symbolizes purity, purity and faithfulness.

When talking or smiling, you need to cover your mouth with your hand so that you are not considered rude. At the same time, when communicating with Koreans, pay attention not to put your hands in your pocket or pocket. Because that will be considered impolite.

Koreans love to play sports. Especially sports such as soccer, volleyball, golf, baseball, martial arts, etc.

Taste and how to eat

Koreans use spoon to eat rice, chopsticks to pick up food. They never use spoons and chopsticks in parallel at meals. At the same time, when eating, they must put the bowl on the table, do not pick it up. Otherwise it would be considered impolite.

Korean people focus on breakfast and dinner. Lunch for them is considered a breakfast.

Three dishes are always on the Korean dining table: Pap (rice), Kim chi (spicy pickled vegetables) and Kanjang (soy sauce). In particular, Kimchi plays an important role in Korean meals. In their tray of rice there are always many small dishes to store Kimchi dishes.

Koreans generally like to eat seafood, beef, like spices such as garlic, onion, chili and often use sesame oil in food processing.

Characteristics of Korean tourists

Korean tourists like the type of sea tourism, leisure, cultural learning.

Besides, traveling with the purpose of seeking business cooperation partners is also one of the popular types of tourism of Koreans.

Despite having a more open lifestyle than some other Asian countries, Korean tourists who travel abroad still retain their national identity. In communication, they appear to be open, cheerful, lively but very polite, kept in moderation and have quite a high level of autonomy.

Korean tourists when traveling like to live in a fun atmosphere with tours and group activities.

Korean tourists have high solvency. Therefore, they often choose the type of travel service or more.

Learn about Asian travelers’ featured hobbies (Part 3)

In communication, abstain from hugging shoulders or patting the back, abstaining from pointing at the opposite person. Because that is rude. When pouring water, the Chinese people refrain from leaving their mouths facing the tea pots. Because the concept is easy to make guests encounter bad things.

They also abstain from giving towels to each other. Because that is to express paragraph break (in the funeral people use white towels). They abstain from giving each other cutlery for fear of hurting and hurting the opponent.

They do not like topics on cultural revolution, sex or politics

They drink according to the theory of “the Five Elements Yin and Yang” and have many taboos like:

Honey does not eat with raw onions.

Eels, carp do not eat with dog meat The concept of integrity is evident in eating and drinking. For example, when preparing whole fish, cut chicken pieces and put all the parts on the plate. It would be taboo when fish or chicken dishes served without fins, tail, head. Because they thought it was a bad thing, things didn’t go “down.”

They abstain from departing on the 5th of the first lunar month. Because it’s a lunar day, there’s no luck.

Korean travelers’ features

Korean people are eager to learn, active, industrious, respectful of morality and spiritual factors.

The modern lifestyle of Koreans retains the traditional features. They attach great importance to national cultural identity and promote education. Koreans place great importance on their clan.

Korean people are very approachable and open. However, on important occasions, their rituals are quite complicated.

Koreans value the position of the elderly. For example, when the elderly enter the house to stand up to greet. When talking, you must remove sunglasses. While eating and drinking, wait for the elderly to touch their chopsticks first. When queuing, getting into the car must yield to the elderly first.

Learn about Asian travelers’ featured hobbies (Part 2)

In China, some people really believe in generals: usually choose a beautiful day according to the calendar when traveling (abstain from days 4 and 7); wishing to visit Buddha’s gates (temples, shrines, temples) on the 1st and 15th days of the lunar month. They are very aware of respect and discipline in the family life; picky, careful and thoughtful in diplomacy.

Chinese travelers like to stay in 2  3 star hotels, stilt houses, or tents in ecological areas. They like to travel with their family for a short time with a full service and use traditional oriental treatment services such as acupuncture, massage, mud bath, mineral water bath.

They like to travel the sea and visit famous scenic spots with famous cultural and historical relics. They like to explore and explore festivals and cultural identities of ethnic groups and communities. It is especially important to understand how the culture of China has previously influenced the culture of surrounding countries.

They are the calculation and economical in tourism consumption. When traveling, I like to go to many places and use many services.

They are world famous for their rich culinary arts and unique ways of processing. Therefore, when traveling, Chinese people have a high demand for food. They prefer to eat rice (eight rice, mixed roasted rice or glutinous rice) with traditional oriental dishes such as chicken breast, roasted duck, dishes made from turtles, tortoise, snakes and other kinds of food. Taste, dipping sauce.

When they eat, they use bowls and chopsticks. They like to be served by displaying food on low tables (30 -40cm), laying on the floor and sitting in a circle around to enjoy and using alcohol made from rice, corn … so it not only preserves traditional values ​​but also creates a warm and intimate family. This is the tradition for Chinese families.

Chinese people also have a lot of taboos.

Learn about Asian travelers’ featured hobbies (Part 1)

Asia includes 48 countries. As one of the regions with very dynamic economic development in the world. And is one of the potential tourism markets. Psychological characteristics of Asian tourists are as follows.

 They respect nature very much, and always cooperate, share and help each other. Community and important life style, rational, easy to sympathize and share with each other in relationships and behavior.

 In general, compared with other regional countries in the world, Asian economy is not highly developed. People’s living standard is low, infrastructure has not been invested and developed strongly, especially in countries in Southeast Asia.

 The majority of Asians follow Confucianism, Confucianism and Buddhism. In particular, Buddhism prevails. Therefore, the temples, pagodas, shrines and sacred places help them meet the needs of religious ceremonies.

 The majority of Asians live on agricultural production, smallholder psychology and small production, depending on the environment.

 Lifestyle that respects the natural environment, heavy love, lightness and very high community in relations and conduct is the result of farming methods yoke of Oceania.

The continent is located in the southern hemisphere, with tropical and temperate conditions. Very convenient conditions for the development of animal husbandry and cultivation. The region has many minerals and huge energy potential.

These are countries with fairly developed economy, culture, society, and high income.

The population of these countries is mainly immigrants from England, France, the US and from some Asian countries such as China, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The cultures of the countries of Oceania, mostly multicultural, with unique customs and traditions, still retain the unique identities of cultural branches of different ethnic groups.

The main language used in communication on this continent is English.

Chinese guests

The Chinese are very diligent, hard at work, love labor and national awareness, very high sense of community.

 They are secretive people. In the relationship of always respectful, light-minded, with a sense of respect for nature and people.

Series of great role-playing mobile games that will storm the world in 2019 (Part 2)

Perfect World Mobile

Introduced from April 2018 within the framework of ChinaJoy 2018, but until now, the Perfect World Mobile game called Perfect World Mobile has an official ‘release date’. Accordingly, Tencent Games will release this mobile game in China on March 6.

In fact, Perfect World Mobile has tried many times and made a good impression on gamers, especially those who played Perfect World before with many similar features to the original, which has been crowded with people.

Accordingly, in Perfect World Mobile will have 3 races including Human (Person), Untamed (Animal), and Winged Elf (Fairy with wings), in addition to 5 of the 6 classes that are confirmed as Human Wizard (witch), Human Blademaster (swordsman), Untamed Barbarian (man), Male Winged Elves Archer (archer), and Female Winged Elves Cleric (cleric). The 6th race is rumored to be “Fairy Tzu” but has no specific information.

In addition, the name Perfect World Mobile has not been confirmed in the international market, it can be changed when the game launched in English (unfortunately, there are currently no plans to launch).

Some of the features that you can find in Perfect World Mobile are the beautiful world and gamers can fly in the sky with wings or flying animals, warships and warships. in the original Perfect World on PC. Currently NSX Perfect World promises that in the game there will be super-wide map to 60,000 km2 for players to freely explore or admire.

Ax: Alliance vs Empire

Ax: Alliance vs Empire brings the same control system as other action mobile games. Players will use virtual joystick joysticks to move characters and explore the mysterious, vast fantasy fantasy world with countless battles and collect many different items.

Bearing in itself an MMORPG with a strong focus on RvR fighting style, the PVP feature is the element that creates the strong appeal of Ax: Alliance vs Empire. When your character reaches a certain level, they can advance to their own battlefield, designed for both Alliance and Empire factions to “slaughter” each other.

Learn about European travelers’ featured hobbies (Part 4)

Russian travelers are not sophisticated in eating. They like cold dishes. Always have bread and milk and butter. For breakfast, they often use milk porridge, bread, butter and black tea.

They like to use soups made from purple cabbage, carrots, and aromatic leaves. When they eat, they often put a few tablespoons of Maioner or Smitana sauce on the bowl of soup, creating a pleasant aroma.

They like to eat roast meat, simmered dishes, like small grinds, fried or braised; do not eat pigeons, dog meat. They enjoyed barbecue, bacon with cucumber, garlic and salt. Their favorite dish is the salted carp dried with beer. They like to use vegetables: cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, red beets, lettuce, onions, and the smell of meals. Especially they like to use Russian salad. The dish is made from sausages, cucumbers, boiled potatoes and lean sliced ​​lean meat, tomatoes, then Maioner. When they eat, they use plates, knives and forks to cut and eat food.

They really like vodka, especially red vodka before meals. It has a warming effect and is a culinary habit.

German guests

They have a strong mindset, a sense of responsibility and a high sense of discipline in their work. They have clear and specific living expenses plans. When consuming, they pay much attention to the practicality of products and goods. They have a sense of saving, although the German standard of living is quite high compared to many other countries.

The Germans have the talent to organize. They know how to create the strength of the group, unite and share with each other with a clear, carefree and fair attitude at work.

Munich Beer Festival has a long tradition and is usually held in March every year, lasting for 16 days. This is the occasion for the Germans to advertise and introduce the beer industry. One of the world famous products that tourists are very popular.

They strongly believe in travel advertising information. So before traveling, Germans often go to reputable firms and companies to find out information. They often like to travel in countries with developed sea tourism, security conditions and many entertainment and sports services.

They like traveling in groups. According to them, this is the best opportunity to strengthen and strengthen the relationships within the group, helping them to better understand each other.

They like to travel in package style. They often choose rooms at 2-3-star hotels or stay in stilt houses, tents, canvas in ecological areas. The most convenient transportation of Germans when traveling are airplane and train.

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