Top new online games in 2020

Online games become popular and interesting with many walks of life. People enjoy it to relax their mind, fill in free time or even improve memory and intelligent. The truth that you can get balance and limit playing online games in proper time.

In this article, we recommend top new games in this year for reference. If you are a fan of online game, you shouldn’t miss our suggestion as following.

3/ Crossfire X

Smilegate is founder of this game but it has been launched by Xbox Game Studios in 2020. Based one XBO platform with competitive multiplayers, this game gives new experience about series of Black list terrorist in the global risk. It is exciting fights among members in one group.

The truth that Crossfire X has inspired from Smilegate released in 2007 and E3 released in 2019, then combination and creation a new game with more challenge and danger for players.

4/ Chivalry 2

It is developed by Torn Banner Studios and launch by Tripwire Interactive. It only has a platform on PC. As other hot game, it has been designed in version both multiplayers and individual. But it is a big focus on services of multiplayer battles, therefore it is better to play with your team.

As introduced before, all battles are set up in chaotic backgrounds. It can be battles in an enemy force, fighting in riding horses or a big cinematic fight which looks like as thrilling views in action films of HBO cinema. For some younger players, they feel extremely exciting with fast and strong action. It makes your mind to remind to the medieval battles in the past. It also means that it’s good to improve knowledge and event about history.

Estimated that, one game can contain up to 64 players. So, you can compete to many rivals.

Top new online games in 2020

Online game tends to become popular with many people, especially the young guys. It’s convenient to play one game without going out or investing too much budget. There are many free online games for your trial.

In this article, we refer top new online games in 2020. In the ranking, they are almost new games launched recent times. It looks good recommendations to use up free time meaningfully.

1/ Skull & Bones

It has been founded by Ubisoft and available in PC, PS4 and XBO. This game can play maximum 4 players in one time with more competition in flighting.

About gameplay rules and mechanics, it is familiar to video games released before like: Assassin’s Creed IV. It means player’s mission is to call for orders and messages to crew to combat the rivals during the ship. It is great experience when you prefer to connect with a team to fight against others. Or you want to become the most notorious pirate in the world.

2/ Marvel’s Avengers

Estimated that this game will be released on 15th May 2020. It has been developed by Crystal Dynamics and available in PC, PS4, Google Stadia and XBO. This game can play up to online 4 players in one flighting. It is a franchise from Tomb Raider to make a new brand called Marvel Avengers.

However, it is a completely new experience compared with the previous Marvel franchise. It promises about interest and excitement for multi players.

As trailer, this story is around an accident which causes destroying of the headquarters and city. Then heroes take up new mission to save humanity one again.

In the first feeling, Marvel’s Avengers 2020 is not only an action adventure game but also a multi cooperation with other players to win finally.

Top three sports that are favored by billions of participants

Sport is not only about competing for medals, it also helps to improve health and sometimes we play sports just for enjoyment and passion. Follow us to find out the 3 hottest sports on the planet.


Considered the king sport, football is always the most popular sport around the world. There are 7 billion people in the world, the number of football players and fans is about half of the population – about 3.5 billion people. Football has a simple competition rule and is also relatively easy to play and suitable for all ages.

We can easily catch kids playing football right on the school yard, right on the street because just the ball and passion, where football is no longer important. Football is also attractive by the surprise to the last minute of every match. Viewers cannot take their eyes off the game at any time. This is the only non-controversial subject as it leads every statistical list whether measured by audience or player criteria.

Hockey on the grass

Ranked No. 2 in the list of the most popular sports as well as participating in the most must mention hockey on the grass – about 2 billion participants. Just like football, this sport also has 11 players participating in each team including the goalkeeper.

The goalkeeper uses the whole body to catch the ball but only in the penalty area and only the football in hockey Use the stick to play the ball and put the ball into the opponent’s net. The sport is relatively light so both men and women can participate. In North America, women play this sport more than men but globally, men still account for the majority.


Baseball is a team sport; in which one player of one team will attempt to throw the ball hard at the other team’s player, and this person will attempt to dislodge the baseball ball with a baseball bat, before it is summed up by Your teammate is behind your team player.

Although it originated in the United States, baseball is still one of the most complicated and complicated sports in the sport right now. Ban, and is one of the most popular sports in the world with about 500 million followers.

8 places not to be missed when traveling to Italy (Part 2)

Italy has many unique sculpture structures, of which the Trevi fountain is the most magnificent sculpture, attracting the most tourists. The statues of Neptune, Tritons, seahorses, young girls, etc. exquisitely carved from Carrara limestone and marble are the attractive highlights of the most worthy place when traveling to Rome, Italy.

Trevi Fountain

This is a magnificent, famous and meaningful place to visit when traveling to Rome, Italy.

But the point that makes Travi fountain is a place to visit, visit attracts many tourists Rome, Italy is the legend of throwing a coin to pray for good luck, health, such as ideas, love. More than 3,000 euros were thrown on the radio, which is often used to subsidize the poor in Rome.

Amalfi Coast

The beautiful rocks and a small town with unique architecture, colorful construction built on the hillsides and cliffs have made Amalfi coast become the best destination to visit in Italy. Not only that, this coast has become the backdrop of many world famous films and television.

In addition, the seafood here is very fresh and quite cheap. Admire the beautiful scenery while enjoying exquisite cuisine, then visiting some famous towns buried by volcanoes will be an unforgettable experience when traveling to Italy you should try.

Grand Canal

This is the most romantic and typical sights to visit when traveling to Venice, Italy. Especially, if you travel to Venice, Italy in September, you can also witness the boat race on the Grand Canal every year.

Vesuvius Volcano

Vesuvisus volcano is still active today, but it is one of the adventure attractions should visit once when traveling to the Bay of Naples, Italy.

When you come here, you will not only visit the top and look at the crater but also witness the strong devastation after the eruption of Vesuvisus volcano through the genius views of the two ancient cities of Pompeli and Herrculaneum. Don’t forget to drop by the national park right below the volcano.

What are the most favored sports in the world? (Part 3)


This is a No. 1 game in the US. There are also professional competitions in Canada, and an attempt to expand to Europe from the past few years. The first major professional competition was in the US in the early 1920s. Some players who created the American Professional Football Association had a membership fee of US $ 100.

After many ups and downs, changing their names, today the tournament is called the NFL with 32 professional teams, the most profitable tournament in the world. According to Forbes, the average value of each NFL rugby team is $ 950 million, of which Dallas Cowboys are valued as the most expensive sports team at $ 2.1 billion. The “Super Bowl” finals is an annual major sporting event. Super Bowl 2012 past, TV stations selling advertising $ 4 million for every 30 seconds appear on the screen.


Like ping-pong, badminton is very popular in East Asia. There are about 250 million registered players competing. Badminton has been included in the Olympic program since 1992. The two countries with the most excellent badminton players are China and Indonesia. Their players win about 70% of all competitions in the world.

The shuttlecock ball is thin but quite unique, can fly into the fastest row in racquet sports: reaches 300 km/h. A good ball made of goose feathers.


Many estimates suggest that basketball is the second most popular basketball game in the world, losing only to football. The US professional basketball tournament is famous all over the world, similar to the Premier League. In the beginning, people also used soccer balls to play basketball. Until 1929, the current basketball ball was launched.


This is a version of baseball. This is a very popular game in South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc.) Cricket is probably the second most popular game, though completely unfamiliar in the rest of the world. The reason is that the places it is popular, only about 10-15 countries, but has a very large population (over 1 billion people).

The world cup soccer championship is the biggest sports event in the world. Perhaps these facts persuaded Americans to re-invest in football in the early 1990s. From an amateur student team, the American football team today belongs to the 20-30 strongest football team in the world.

8 places not to be missed when traveling to Italy (Part 1)

Not only has the warm Great Mediterranean climate suitable for year-round tourism, Italy is also a tourist country that attracts more than 50 million tourists each year with unique architectural works and attractions.

Chemical-culinary-fashion rich and unique, excellent beaches and ancient priceless relics. Among them, there are 8 landmarks, sights not to be missed when traveling Italy.

Leaning Tower of Pisa – Symbol of Italy

Topping the list of famous tourist attractions not to be missed when traveling to Italy is the leaning tower of Pisa – the symbol of Italy.

Built in the 12th century with the original shape is no different from other towers in the world.

But because of its built on subsidence ground, over time the new tower has a characteristic inclined shape as today and becomes one of the most unique places to visit Italy. Currently, after many salvage efforts after the risk of collapse, the Leaning Tower of Pisa has a stable tilt of 3.9 degrees.


Colosseum is only a ruin but it is still a symbol and a heroic proof for the great Roman Empire, one of the most beautiful and unique ancient Roman architecture left on. world. Moreover, Colosseum is one of the famous tourist attractions and attractions that attract the most Italian tourists in Rome.

Florence Cathedral 

Don’t miss Florence Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral when traveling to the art city of Florence, Italy. Built during the Renaissance, featuring a unique Gothic architecture dome, the Florence Cathedral is not only a symbol of the art city of Florence, but also a beautiful architectural work. Must-visit places to visit when traveling to Florence, Italy.

Basilica Mark – Italy’s largest gold-plated building

Any visitor traveling to Venice, Italy will spend time visiting St. Mark’s Cathedral to admire the unique dome of Byzantine architecture and beautiful mosaics and many other priceless artifacts.

In particular, some of the cathedral’s towers are inlaid with gold and this is also the reason why the destination cannot fail to visit once when traveling to Venice, Italy. This is also known as the Golden Church.

What are the most favored sports in the world? (Part 2)


One of the oldest games. It only takes 2 opponents and the fists are very fast and strong to become a contest that is more personal, violent, even life-threatening, often attracts many fans.

In the past, there were many battles taking place in huge stadiums, attracting more than hundred thousand viewers. Particularly amateur boxing in the Olympic ring, with boxers wearing head cover, changing the rules, has greatly reduced the evil parts.

In the history of this game, American boxer Muhammad Ali is classified as a monster. Survey of 97% of Americans over the age of 12 know about him. Because of continuous blow, boxers after retirement 87% of the brain is more or less damaged. Muhammad Ali is also a victim of this violent game.


You may not know that in ancient times, before using rackets, people used to play tennis with the palm of the hand. Felt balls used to be white, but since 1972 they have been dyed yellow, making it easier to see on the color TV screen.

An important weapon of tennis is the serve. On the men’s side, Croatian Ivo Karlovic currently holds the record for the strongest serves. At the Davis Cup in 2011, his serve measured 56 mph (251 km/h). The person with the most intense serve on the female side is the American tennis player Venus Williams. She served the ball as strong as 205 km/hour.

Professional football village also leads the world in terms of equality of treatment. Beginning in 2007, the Wimbledon men’s and women’s singles won the world-class cross check, worth about US $ 1,120,000.

Table tennis

Table tennis, or ping-pong, is one of the most popular sports in the world because it is easy to play, gentle, both physically active and highly entertaining. An estimated 10 million high and low players register each year around the world.

Table tennis has been included in the Olympics program since the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. The best countries in the game are Korea, China, and Sweden. In many places in Asia and Europe, the top players are big stars, invited to sponsor, advertise handsomely.

Because of the popularity of table tennis in mainland China, the 1971 event was dubbed the “Ping Pong Diplomacy” (roughly translated: diplomatic through playing table tennis). At that time, before the summit meetings, to show friendliness, the US-China sides held many friendly matches.

Asian people prefer to travel with their family (Part 2)

In addition, more than half of Thai tourists (66%) and Indonesians (54%) responded that inviting grandparents to take a vacation was always part of their plan. This trend is also reflected when looking at the list of extended family members of Thais and Indonesians on vacation, which may include siblings, cousins, aunts, and aunts. uncles.

Not only are they not inclined to travel with their families, but very few Americans, British, Australians and Chinese travel with other groups of friends, with only 22% of Americans, 23% of Brits, 26% Australians and 27% of Chinese people traveled with friends in the past year.

Meanwhile, nearly half (48%) of travelers from the Philippines often travel with a group of friends on some of their vacations, followed by Vietnamese and Malaysian family travelers with 43% and 40%. %.

The preferred family at the hotel

Use the online booking service (OTA) to book family-preferred vacations for the past 12 months. According to the survey results, the hotel is still the most popular choice for families, besides other options such as resort apartments, self-catering guest houses and all-inclusive resort.

Cost, safety and operations are always the top priorities for most travelers around the globe when planning family vacations, compared to traveling alone or not with family.

Family is the motivation for the holiday

Longer working hours and countless distractions from modern life are making families spend less time everyday together. So it’s no surprise that most travelers around the world expect family trips to bring quality quality time together (68%). Relaxing (66%) and experiencing new things (46%) are ranked 2nd and 3rd.

The British and Singaporeans are the favorite group that like the most adventurous on family trips. Discovering new cultures is considered the most popular family travel experience of these two groups of tourists (48% and 46% respectively). Chinese and Thai tourists are less interested in exploring the culture on their trip with only 29% of people choosing.

The biggest concern

When looking at family-related concerns, illness (36%), housing standards (21%) and family disagreements (16%) were the biggest concerns for most. all tourists across the globe. British travelers seem to be the least worried when it comes to family vacations, with nearly a third of those surveyed (27%) answered that they didn’t mind at all.

What are the most favored sports in the world? (Part 1)

Let’s outline the most favored sports in the world below.


The popularity of sports games can also vary greatly by region. For example, archery is very popular in Oceania but quite modest in the rest of the world. Or like volleyball (volleyball) organized quite organized.

FIVB World Volleyball League gathers at least 220 members. But it can be said that this subject only attracted much attention at the Olympics.

Ice hockey

Also known as the fastest game “The fastest game on earth”. Hockey players often skate very fast 20-30 miles/hour (about 30-45 km/hour).

This is a fierce collision game, easily injured, so the players have to wear thick, tight clothes for safety (not to fight the cold coming from the ice rink). A strong “hockey puck” can fly as fast as 100 miles per hour, so goalkeepers must wear protective armor with the same material as police bulletproof armor.

Ice hockey is most popular in North America and Europe. The strongest national hockey teams are Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, and the United States.


This is a game that mixes soccer (soccer) and rugby (football). Players can just kick the ball, throw the ball, hug the ball running, at the same time picking up wrestling. The most famous rugby game in Oceania and South Africa, has over 5 million registered members.

The unique feature of the “running ball” is that the forward players are usually strong and tall, but are responsible for preventing the opponent from getting on the ball. In contrast, the rear defender is small but agile, often taking advantage of the gaps to tape up … scoring.

In the past, the New Zealand rugby team was very strong, notorious for the nickname “All Blacks”. This game has become more and more prestigious, will be included in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (Brazil), with a small playground version called “Rugby Seven”.

Asian people prefer to travel with their family (Part 1)

Citizens of Asian countries tend to take many vacations with 77% of Thai travelers, 62% of Filipino travelers say they have at least 5 family vacations, twice as much as Western ones.

The results of Agoda’s global family travel trends 2018 have revealed that 7 out of 10 surveyed families take vacations together at least 2 times a year. Asian tourists often go away with their family up to 5 times per year, more than double that of Western tourists.

The survey also found that only 18% of travelers around the globe took one family vacation each year, while more than 34% of the respondents had more than five family trips in the past year.

In particular, Asian countries dominated the trend of multiple vacations with 77% of Thai travelers and 62% of Filipino travelers saying they had at least 5 family vacations in the past year. In contrast, only 7% of British travelers have more than 5 family vacations and up to 34% have only 1 holiday.

Take a short break but more often

Family travel is tending to “explode” globally. Specific studies on the subjects and length of stay of family vacations have yielded mixed results.

A 4 to 7-night vacation is common for most families around the globe, but there are also wide disparities in countries.

In the UK, 41% of family travelers lasted 4-7 nights, compared with only 20% of Thai travelers with the same length of stay. Instead, family vacations lasting more than 14 nights are favored by a third of Thai travelers, compared to just 11% of Malaysian travelers who opt for such extended stays. Most Vietnamese, Malaysian and Chinese families have the same preference for a 1-3-night vacation.

Multi-generational family vacations

The survey also looked at subjects on family vacations and found that up to 35% of travelers globally had vacations with grandparents, while UK and Australian travelers often did not have this trend, only 13% and 20% of visitors from these two countries have the same choice.

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