8 places not to be missed when traveling to Italy (Part 2)

Italy has many unique sculpture structures, of which the Trevi fountain is the most magnificent sculpture, attracting the most tourists. The statues of Neptune, Tritons, seahorses, young girls, etc. exquisitely carved from Carrara limestone and marble are the attractive highlights of the most worthy place when traveling to Rome, Italy.

Trevi Fountain

This is a magnificent, famous and meaningful place to visit when traveling to Rome, Italy.

But the point that makes Travi fountain is a place to visit, visit attracts many tourists Rome, Italy is the legend of throwing a coin to pray for good luck, health, such as ideas, love. More than 3,000 euros were thrown on the radio, which is often used to subsidize the poor in Rome.

Amalfi Coast

The beautiful rocks and a small town with unique architecture, colorful construction built on the hillsides and cliffs have made Amalfi coast become the best destination to visit in Italy. Not only that, this coast has become the backdrop of many world famous films and television.

In addition, the seafood here is very fresh and quite cheap. Admire the beautiful scenery while enjoying exquisite cuisine, then visiting some famous towns buried by volcanoes will be an unforgettable experience when traveling to Italy you should try.

Grand Canal

This is the most romantic and typical sights to visit when traveling to Venice, Italy. Especially, if you travel to Venice, Italy in September, you can also witness the boat race on the Grand Canal every year.

Vesuvius Volcano

Vesuvisus volcano is still active today, but it is one of the adventure attractions should visit once when traveling to the Bay of Naples, Italy.

When you come here, you will not only visit the top and look at the crater but also witness the strong devastation after the eruption of Vesuvisus volcano through the genius views of the two ancient cities of Pompeli and Herrculaneum. Don’t forget to drop by the national park right below the volcano.