10 things you should remember before visiting the USA

The USA is home of many picturesque and landscapes which is compared as countless treasures on the Earth. Therefore, there are many things to discover when you come here, from iconic attractions, concrete jungles or the beach, the river. Many destinations to make a memorial oversea trip at the USA.

However, the USA has strict rules for foreigner before entry to this nation, including requirements and road rules, payment, customs. 

If you are preparing a trip to this nation, you should follow our article to see top 10 important tips you should know before visiting the United States of America.

1/ States and regions

The USA is split into 50 states and many different regions, including in the West, the Midwest, the Northwest and the South. At each region, they are different in geographical character as well traditions, cultures and customs, besides general rules applied throughout the world.

You should read reference whether which region you want to visit. Then following it to collect more information.

2/ Tipping is an interesting culture

When you visit any restaurant, bar or using service in taxi, you should leave a top for waiter. This is a normal practice to thank whom helping you.

Because the wage of waiters is low, this culture becomes a good way to increase their quality lives.

In general, you should leave a 15% to 20% tip. 

3/ You need to pay more money than quotation

When purchasing goods and services, the price on display is not final. As normal, it will be added 10% or more a little considered as the tax. It’s not fixed because per state has unique rules about the tax.

So, you are not surprising when you have to pay more than the price is on display at the counter.